I’ve been a bit MIA but it has not been due to lack of things to share.  Quite the opposite.  I have too much to share but not enough time.  I really did believe I would have more time after the volleyball season.

A very quick overview:

  • Walked Capital City Half Marathon in the rain.  The only consolation is less of a downpour than the previous year.  It is probably my last year running Capital City Marathon events.  (More on that in the next week!)
  • I paid my deposit to run Ragnar Relay: Northwest Passage: 190 mile relay starting at the Canadian border to Whidby Island with a group of 12 people.  Stoked doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Especially, since last weekend…
  • …I ran a 50 mile relay with three other crazy runner friends.  We started at Mt. Rainier (Carbonado) and took turns running to Ruston Way in Tacoma.  I cannot even begin to share how cool it is to think my team ran the distance between the two.  (Much more to come on this event.  Too many stories to share!)
  • My happy place this afternoon: Taking on the Bermuda Challenge is on my race wishlist.  Airfare has been $627 from Seattle for the past six months.  (Pathetic, I know.)  This morning, I received a fare alert for $334.  Round trip!  I couldn’t drive cross country for $334 in gas.  My happy place for the last 4 hours has been pink sandy beaches and turquoise water.  This trip is going to be better than running because I will be a certified diver.  Does a vacation get better than running & diving?  Add in pool time & a Dark & Stormy – SOLD.

There are a few other interesting stories to share as well but I’m totally lost daydreaming about a hammock in the Atlantic Ocean.