In January I met a new runner who was training for her first half marathon.  We ended up running together, early Saturday mornings in the cold winter months.  There is a lot you learn about people when you run with them.  Life stories are shared, secrets, hopes & dreams.  Anything to keep your mind off running.

One particularly cold morning, (she was running six miles, I was running ten), we had a conversation about weight.  She believed sharing with other people made her more accountable.  On my run over the bridge, writing a blog post in my head, I was so excited to share my last secret.  When it came time to write the post, I chickened out.  February passed.  March.  April.  May.  Still chicken.

I am not quite ready to share but I have made a compromise.  On Pinterest (I am Niki B – I have some killer boards), I found an idea that will help me realize my goal.  A nice visual picture instead of numbers on a scale.

It goes a lil something like this:

I have two jars: one is full of rocks, the other is empty.  (And apparently my jars are too big because the number of rocks does not look impressive.)  Each rock represents one pound.

the weight I have to lose jar

the weight I’ve lost jar

It would appear I’ve been acting like a kid who just finished school & is going crazy on summer vacation.  Except those weeks of crazy have turned into lazy bones watching back to back episodes of The View & General Hospital.  I need to be more accountable to my goals – I have some big ones!  Some of those goals won’t happen if I keep going down this path.

So, tomorrow morning the challenge begins and it will end on my birthday.  Each Monday I’ll photograph my currently empty jar and post my progress here.  (Sorry for any boredom added to Monday moanings but deal with it.)  Once September hits, I”ll fill up my jar with different rocks & start the challenge again.  I haven’t quite decided what the prize is (because I love winning prizes!).