It was a good start to this lil challenge especially since I was out of the office for half the week (equals lunch out).  I did cut out sugar minus the dipped cone I had Saturday.  All in all, a good start.

On deck: a 7 day cleanse (mostly fruits & vegetables with a few days of poultry thrown in).  I am refusing to eat tomatoes and if that skews my results, so be it.  The idea alone makes me want to vomit.

Although I abhor the idea, I think a food journal is going to help keep me accountable.  I was shocked to learn this little equation last year & it made me a bit more attentive to what I was eating.

your weight * 15 = # of daily calories to maintain your weight

I will leave you with that thought because I’m sure it will leave you a bit dumbfounded.  And curious to see where all your calories come from.