At the beginning of June, three friends & I took on a 50 mile relay that started at Mt. Rainier and ended along the waterfront in Tacoma.

Each of these legs bring back a ton of memories.  I was originally assigned legs 1, 5, and 9.  Due to some navigation issues (on my part), buttahcup ran back to back legs (8 & 9) and my last leg was number ten.

Start of the race near Mt Rainier

So pretty!!

The first leg was mine and since my training had been spotty, it made my day that it wasn’t too terribly bad (minus the old couple passing me).  I was close to my expected time for 5 miles and maybe if I hadn’t stopped to take photos… but it was so beautiful!

About a mile into the run

A few miles later

Happy to be finished with my leg, we cheered Robby K as he ran under this bridge.

The muddy path below the bridge… I received many complaints about the muddy trails. So muddy, he lost his shoe at one point. (Karma would get its pay back.)

View from the bridge

Leg 5 was hot but paved and some familiar running territory.

Karma Leg 10. Most of the leg was this sandy trail. At times, the fine sand was hard to run in. The kicker though was the large mud puddle covering the whole trail for about 30 feet. I tried walking up the steep embankment & decided that was the wrong choice. I backed down & tried climbing through a fallen trees branches, slipped in mud and landed knee deep in the mud puddle, horse sh!t and all. Karmic payback.

Team More Cowbell at the finish line.

The relay was so much fun.  Even though we complained about our running legs, the legs in between were a total blast.  It was fun cheering everyone on.  I’m still amazed we ran from Mt Rainier to Ruston Way in Tacoma.  We are already planning on having more teams next year.