Last Monday, I transitioned to a paleo diet – what I lovingly refer to as caveman.  Basically, if a caveman could eat it, I can.  The flow chart (I can’t remember where I found it!) does a great job clarifying what is good or bad.

Maybe my lunch buddies would disagree, but I didn’t have a hard time with the transition until Friday at lunch (un-hungry!).  I seemed to want everything I couldn’t have including foods I don’t normally lean towards.

Besides the fact most crossfit addicts swear by caveman, I was also drawn to this because it stated I would not always be hungry.  Let’s fact it: cavemen didn’t have three meals a day.  In addition, I would still have energy to do stuff.  Case in point: Wednesday, I ate lunch but not dinner & was able to play two hours of volleyball without hunger pains.  (And I played well!)

I’m hooked for that reason alone – as long as I can have the occasional crème brûlée.  Dinner is my BIGGEST obstacle.  I don’t always have time between work and practice or playing or running or …n to make dinner.

After seven days, cutting out sugar & grains, my jar is a lil fuller.

It has been declared I have a very limited fruit & veggie list.  In addition to this 21 day caveman diet, I must try a new fruit or veggie every day.

To date
1. red plum
2. cucumber
3. nectarine
4. snow pea
5. blueberries
6. japanese pear

I’ve tried some of these before but I don’t gravitate towards them like spinach or apples.  To further my fruit & veggie agenda, I must continue to eat the ones I can tolerate.  So far, the only one I will never try again is the nectarine.  I am going to have a hard time with the stone fruits.