Scrolling through craftgawker (another obsession!), I found a recipe for hard boiled eggs – minus the boil.  I was excited to try this because I love hard boiled eggs but making them is not all that easy.  Let them boil for 20 minutes… does that mean when it starts to boil?  Or when it comes to a rolling boil?  And you know what they say about a watched pot…

When I came across this recipe, I was excited.  I could put the eggs in the oven for 30 minutes & do other things.  No more watched pots.  And since I am no longer able to bake things with my mini-muffin pan, this is a great substitute.

I baked them for 30 minutes at 325º F.  It was recommended to test one egg but I decided to go all or nothing.  After baking, I placed them in an ice bath for 10 minutes.  The original blog stated baked “hard boiled” eggs are creamier than the boiled eggs and the egg white is not as greasy.

And then there was the taste test… a total success!

I’m ecstatic about this lil find & totally recommend it to everyone else – especially if you like to make deviled eggs.  And since I love deviled eggs, my next food project may be to make my own mayonnaise.

Can you ever have too many eggs?