Point Defiance has long been one of my favorite running spots.  Early weekend mornings, a portion of the loop is closed to cars and the whole section of road is free for runners, cyclists & long boarders to use.  And if you’re lucky, you may run to the cadence of monkey laughter because the zoo sits at the entrance.  Where else can you run (without fear) and have a hungry tiger licking his chops as you pass by?

Running by lounging water buffalo

Or a family of raccoons… who will sit pretty in a row along the road waiting for handouts. (DON’T DO IT!)

Early summer morning fog (good fishing??)

The sun & the trees make my heart pitter pat

Early morning light along the back stretch

Fall at the park

Cannot wait for fall running!

the ferry from owens beach

more ferry from Vashon Island

Summer running

Every season in the park