I love taking photos.  It is incredibly convenient to use my phone because it’s always within reach.  I have several photo apps on my phone but I only consistently use Instagram.  The problem is that everything on Instagram is square – do you know how hard it is to find frames for square photos?  (Note to frame makers: get on board!)

Check out the new apps I’ve added this week.

Gig Harbor – the original photo

the Instagram version

My new favorite app – Big Lens – you can change a photo to HDR in the “editing” room instead of prior to taking a photo. Photo love!

Picture Magic – negative filter.

Picture Magic – painting filter

Photo Effect Studio (PE Studio)


Picture Frame + Phonto: The beauty of picture frame is you can adjust the frame size but there are so many options – you may not need it. Before I was using picture stitch – not nearly as many options & not nearly as flexible. Phonto allows you to add text to photos.

Big Lens – $0.99
Phonto – free
PicFrame – $0.99
Instagram – free
Pixlr-o-matic – free
PE Studio – free

All these apps are for the iphone – unsure if they also work for droid.  There are some overlapping filters between the apps but there are also other additions – different layers you can add to a photo.  I love how easy creating photos has become.  I remember working in the dark room; it wasn’t nearly as easy to get some of these filters.  And then it was a lot of hit & miss.  You may go through a dozen of attempts before you reached the perfect photograph.

Happy photo editing!!